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28 May 2010

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Lex here.

So, it’s getting ever so sticky and hot here in my new home of Austin, TX, and my boys(/band) and I are getting ever so stir-crazy. My bass player, Patrick, I think decided to speak for the whole group when he called me right before his finals week, with no response to my initial greeting of “hey” upon answering the phone besides: “Let’s go.” Me: “Pardon?” Him: “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. And we should just go.”

So, we’re coming. The opportunity came up to do a show with Spotlight, Floodlight, the brainlove child of keyboardist/moodsound extroadinaire, Peter Adams, and I couldn’t say no. If any of you ever saw me perform in Los Angeles before I relocated, or happened to see our Carson Daly appearance, Peter was the badass supporting me on the black-and-whites. I’m entirely thrilled to play on the bill with his jazz ensemble next week.

I decided to take my newly formed band out, since we rocked so hard at SXSW this year, and I really wanted to show off my new ensemble to my old CA homies and family (not to mention the new songs!). Sadly our guitar player and dear friend, Chris Mosley, shan’t be joining us on this jaunt up the West Coast due to some previous engagements, but perhaps it’s for the better (we’re all cramming into one little car with all our gear and about 10 bucks in our pockets and praying we make it to every venue in time).

Thanks to an incredible social network of musicians, art collectives, and venues we were able to slap enough dates together to warrant going out on the road. In addition to the Spotlight, Floodlight date, we’ll be be playing San Diego and my old stomping grounds, Orange County (in Santa Ana) with the OCMA’s latest Best Folk winner and old friends of mine, Yellow Red Sparks. The Santa Ana show will be a free and all ages event thanks to the support of SolArt (Radio.com, Design, and where I used to lovingly play when it was SolArt Gallery Cafe back in my Orange days while I lived on Lemon Street). Their design firm is responsible for the beautiful work you saw on the last record. I honestly can’t wait to come home to play your old favorites and a lot of new tunes from my upcoming release, “Were My Sweetheart to Go…

After we hit up my fave CA hang,Zoey’s, we’ll be sync-ing up some dates to coincide with Gavin Castleton‘s last few shows of his West Coast tour, leaving us in Portland, OR. We’ll have to make it snappy back to Austin, TX, but not before we stop by Provo, UT to do a house show with the North Platte Records kids.

I’m sure with eyes barely open we’ll still kick some serious ass at our TWO gigs the day we get back home. I’ll be keeping anyone concerned apprised of our whereabouts, experiences, hilarious conversations, and tour photos at my I LOVE YOUR BONES. blog. (I’ve been known to put a few silly ukulele phone demos up there spontaneously lately as well.)

All wish/thought/prayer donations are just as welcomed as any monetary ones. Interested parties can email me at lex@lexland.net for more info on how to help.

Be kind to each other, all. Wish us luck.

your (and only your),

Here are the dates so far:


PS – don’t forget you can keep in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, BlogSpot, and Tumblr.

love love love x1000.


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