If you are a current member and would like to refer a potential new member, please email the TNG admin with your referral, and direct the person you are referring to complete the new member application.

New members will be selected on a variety of factors, and admittance will be subject to existing group size and other group restrictions, as well as skill level and experience of applicant.

If applicant is not accepted right away, it may be due to an administrative reason, not because they suck. Please let them know this.

The focus of TNG is to create a fun and supportive, yet challenging environment for serious writers. A small group size which will make things most manageable, but may make for a somewhat-exclusive group.

If you are an applicant, please submit your application, have a little patience, and we will contact you when we’re ready for you!

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Ides of March // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  1. Ides of March // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  2. You Don’t Know What Love Is (LIVE at The Moody Theater) // Lex Land & Bob Schneider's Moonlight Orchestra - Live at The Moody Theater
  3. I Know You Know // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  4. Could’ve Had Me // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  5. Everybody Here Wants You (Jeff Buckley Cover, LIVE on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic) // Lex Land - Live at KCRW II
  6. Dinner at Eight (Rufus Wainwright Cover) // Lex Land - Covers I
  7. Havana // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...