How does it work?

At the beginning of each month, participants will receive 4 total prompts, and 2 due dates. (Via email)

Participants may write as many as 4 songs, and as few as 2 songs per month.

At least one song must be submitted at each due date.

If participant submits two songs before the first due date, they are not required to submit a third and/or fourth song at the second due date unless they wish to (in other words, Strikes will not be counted as long as participants submit at least two recordings per month), though each participant is encouraged to write more rather than less.  Extra submissions will not count toward future months’ entries. Each month is a clean slate except for Strikes.


why all these weird rules?


How do I submit?

To submit your entry, simply email your recording to:

before midnight PST on the due date.

(If you would like to join the group, but are not yet a member, please fill out this form to apply.

Please do not send compositions before your application has been accepted.)


  • DO NOT submit your entry by replying to the prompt distribution email.  
  • TNG administrator will upload submissions in archival files via Google Drive in the days following each due date.
  • After you become a member of the group, you will receive an invitation to join The New Game folder so that you may listen to other writers’ submissions. This invitation will come from – so make sure that email address is added to your address list.
  • If you resign or get kicked out, your access to the folder will be rescinded and you will no longer receive the monthly prompt distribution. Please do not send further submissions.


PLEASE do not share the private TNG folders directly with anyone that is not a TNG participant.


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Could’ve Had Me // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  1. Could’ve Had Me // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  2. Ides of March // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  3. Havana // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  4. Dinner at Eight (Rufus Wainwright Cover) // Lex Land - Covers I
  5. Sweet // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  6. I Know You Know // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  7. Ballad of a Thin Man (Bob Dylan Cover) // Lex Land - Covers I