Why all these weird rules?

TNG strives to keep its artists thriving by providing accountability, but sometimes long stretches of writing 4 songs a month within specified parameters and with hard deadlines can be tough and cause burnout.

We all want our participants to hang in there and stay for as long as possible.

Without the threat of removal from the group, there’s no accountability.

Writing a song once a month is not challenging enough.

So, as a participant, you have the option to write 2-4 songs per month.

If you get sick and can’t get up, go on tour and can’t make time, or simply forget and miss a deadline you’ll get a strike.

The one off/one on modelĀ benefits most writers – those that need a little push can fulfill their 2x/month requirement and still be more productive than they were without the group. Those who want the bootcamp-style challenge can hold themselves to the 1x/week model, but if one week slips by, they have another chance to make it up before getting a strike.

If the rules are hard to wrap your head around, feel free to email TNG admin (thenewsonggame@gmail.com) with your concerns or questions.


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Easy // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  1. Easy // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  2. Ballad of a Thin Man (Bob Dylan Cover) // Lex Land - Covers I
  3. You Don’t Know What Love Is (LIVE at The Moody Theater) // Lex Land & Bob Schneider's Moonlight Orchestra - Live at The Moody Theater
  4. I Know You Know // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...
  5. Could’ve Had Me // Lex Land - Orange Days on Lemon Street
  6. Dinner at Eight (Rufus Wainwright Cover) // Lex Land - Covers I
  7. Ides of March // Lex Land - Were My Sweetheart to Go...