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27 May 2011

Lex Land readies her sophomore album “Were My Sweetheart To Go…”

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With “sassy finesse” (-The Late Greats) Southern California native and Austin-based chanteuse Lex Land returns with Were My Sweetheart To Go… available August 16th on Intelligent Noise Records.  Stay tuned for pre-orders, exclusive offerings, and other goodies leading up to the street date of August 16, 2011.

Writing from the heart, Lex admits Were My Sweetheart To Go, “for the most part, spans the period of one specific relationship, some of the loose ends that I couldn’t bring myself to tie up before I got involved with him, and the aftermath of the whole thing and what it led me to.”

Continuing the unique style founded on her debut album Orange Days on Lemon Street, that critics called “a fantastic mix of honey-sweet folk and dense, beat-driven folk-rock” (-Womenfolk), the songs on WMSTG range from the 60’s-pop-infused, “Oh My!”, to more jazz-standard-tinged numbers like “Someone New On My Mind” and “If I”.  WMSTG also goes farther into genre-blurring territory with the fiery alterna-rock number “How Well You Do,” and its “Havana” teetering on the edge of electronica.  This collection continues the eclecticism developed on Orange Days while staying true to the artist’s identity.  At front and center, always, is Land’s striking voice, allowing the subtle emotion and meaning within the lyric to become the focal point of the music.


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