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08 November 2010

“Ides of March” on ONE TREE HILL, 11/9!


One Tree Hill was kind enough to use another of Lex’s tunes for their soundtrack, this time with “Ides of March” from the upcoming “Were My Sweetheart to Go…” In celebration we’d like to share with you a free download of the song.

This song is particularly close to Miss Land’s heart because it was written in memoria of the wee Ulalume, Lex’s six-month-old black lab puppy who passed unexpectedly on March 15th of this last year. While she is, of course, missed greatly still, we are happy to continue the little dear’s short yet unforgettable legacy with something more enduring- a song that hopefully will resonate with all persons, pet-owners or nay. Because don’t we all yearn to find something that lasts? For the little sweetheart that did, in fact, go, we hope you enjoy the first release from the new album.


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  1. I’m impatiently waiting for the next album. The listenable songs are awesome, I particularly love the electronic sounds of “Havana”! The lyrics are still singular & profound. I wish I could write lyrics like yours. I’ve got so many things to say but it’s all trouble in my head. To be brief, your music is great, your style is amazing! And from the beginning, “All We’ve Ever Done” is always making me crying.

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